The holidays are a busy time for entertaining friends and family and often filled with spontaneous visits from people you don’t see often enough through the year. If you have natural stone products in your Ottawa home, such as marble or granite countertops or slate floors, seeing your home filled with merry-makers enjoying food and drink may give you heart palpitations! Your StoneSense team wants you to enjoy your holiday season so we’ve put together some tips to help you keep your natural stone looking as good as new.

Before Company Arrives

There are a few things you can do in advance of holiday gatherings to protect your granite countertops and other natural stone products. These include:

  • If your stone is due for a fresh coat of sealant, it’s best to get it done in time for it to be cured before you host a party or have guests in your home. Proper sealing is your best defence against spills or wetness from snowy footwear.
  • Group your seating so people can face each other for conversations so they won’t be tempted to drag your furniture on your natural stone floors. At the very least, you should make sure any moveable furniture has heavy felt pads to prevent scratching or scuffs.
  • Sweep your entry floor well and lay down heavy mats to collect grime and melting snow. Encourage your guests to remove outdoor footwear and high heels to avoid damage.
  • Mix a few spray bottles with a mild detergent and place them in areas most likely to have spills. Be sure to include a soft cloth for cleaning and drying. This will allow you to catch spills faster and avoid stains.

While you are Celebrating

To make things easier for you to enjoy your guests during your celebrations, employ some of these tips to protect marble countertops and other natural stone products:

  • Make sure you have plenty of coasters at all the gathering spots in your home and encourage your guests to use them.
  • Use trivets and placemats to protect your countertops from heat and spills while guests are serving themselves.
  • If you notice spills, blot them and make use of your handy spray bottles to reduce the chances of staining.

When the Festivities are Over

Once the last guest is gone and it’s time for cleanup, perform your standard cleaning routine for your natural stone. If you do have stubborn spills, remember not to use abrasives or chemicals that can further mar the surface. Follow the instructions to make a poultice, found in our blog post about caring for marble countertops if you do have a stain.

If you have stains, scratches or scuffs that you are unable to remove, contact your stone professionals at StoneSense in Ottawa.