Why should I use natural stone in my outdoor space

Is your outdoor space ready to entertain family and friends during the beautiful Ottawa summer that is just around the bend? Whether you are designing a new oasis or upgrading your current setup, consider the beauty and durability of natural stone tiles to create fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and more. While it can be slightly more expensive than some other building materials, these benefits of using natural stone in your outdoor space will be hard to ignore: 

1. Will natural stone create a unique design?

Since stone is a natural substance, no two pieces are exactly alike, so when you incorporate it into your outdoor space, you can rest assured that your design is unique. While imitation might be the highest form of flattery, knowing that your design cannot be copied exactly gives you a sense of pride in ownership. 

2. Is natural stone durable for outdoor use?

Natural stone products offer a durability that is unsurpassed by its wood or concrete counterparts. When other products undergo wear and tear, they break down and must be refinished or replaced to retain their original good looks. Stone will stand the test of time and because of its uniform composition, chips or wear marks are not as visible as with other products. Stone does not decay and handles frost better than most other building materials for outdoor spaces. 

3. How versatile is natural stone?

Natural stone products offer a wide array of colours, textures and types that can be expertly finished by your master stonecutters of StoneSense, offering design versatility that is unparalleled.  

4. Will using natural stone outside increase my property value?

Due to the hardwearing nature and beautiful look of projects, natural stone is a product that is sought after by homebuyers. Unlike most other building materials that can look dated over time, natural stone retains its beauty and whether you use it in your landscaping, as part of your outdoor kitchen or even indoors, stone tile products add value to your property. 

5. Is natural stone easy to maintain?

Summers in Ottawa pass by too quickly and you want to get as much use out of your outdoor space as possible. Natural stone offers you ease of maintenance so you spend less time trying to make things beautiful and more time enjoying the beautiful weather and company of your family and friends. All that is needed to keep your natural stone looking great is spot cleaning when spills happen, a regular sweep and occasional spray-down with your garden hose! 

We could go on about the benefits of natural stone products to use as an ideal building material for your outdoor space, but we think these five speak for themselves. For more information on creating a backyard oasis with natural stone for your Ottawa home, stop by or contact StoneSense.