Which countertop is more stain resistant granite or marble

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation with new countertops, you might be deciding between granite and marble. Marble is elegant, but more expensive. Granite is durable, and a little more affordable. Both make for beautiful countertops. Choosing marble or granite countertops for your Ottawa home can be difficult. Here’s what to know about staining in these natural stone surfaces.  

Granite Countertops and Staining  

Granite countertops are more stain-resistant than marble. That said, your granite countertops need to be sealed regularly, perhaps even annually to keep your countertops looking their best. Granite will stain from liquids left on the counter without cleaning up. Cooking oils, mustard, red wine, and citrus juices will stain a granite countertop if they’re allowed to soak into the stone.  

Marble Countertops and Staining  

Marble countertops for your Ottawa home are porous, which means they stain easier than granite. You should use a sealant on your marble, to help protect it. Clean up spills when they happen. Be careful of tomato sauce, citrus, and other acidic liquids that can get on your countertop, because these liquids can etch into the stone.  

What Countertop Fits Into Your Kitchen?  

When you’re renovating your kitchen, you want a countertop that is timeless, beautiful, and low maintenance. Stonesense is your tile store in Ottawa where you can see a huge selection of natural stone countertops. Let our experts help you find the material that fits best into your kitchen.