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Monthly Archives: September 2019

What are the Different Kinds of Granite?

Want to discover the different kinds of granite? To begin, Granite is not a single type of stone. You will find many different varieties of granite. These types describe their colors and patterns, so knowing their names can help you pick the right slab for your remodeling project. Here are a few different kinds of granite:   White Granite: Composed mostly of quartz and feldspar with small black specks in the grains.   Black Granite: Seen mostly in commercial rock but is not actual [...]

What are the Different Grades of Granite?

When it comes to the different grades of granite, it comes in three grades, ranging from basic to high grade. Granite’s grade is determined by veins, pitting, marks, thickness, soft materials inside the composition, and colors. Also, the country where it is sourced from, determines the grade. Here is how these grades breakdown: Grade 1: Entry Level Granite – Entry level granite is also known as “builder” or “commercial” grade. It may be pre-fabricated and used for furniture or apartments. It has a thinner slab [...]