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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Buyer Beware with Granite Countertops in Ottawa

As granite continues to grow as the favoured material for kitchen countertops, you will find that there are more companies than ever before offering this beautiful stone. The problem is, not all granite is top quality and not all countertop companies are created equally. To ensure you do not purchase a poor grade of granite by a company looking only to turn a quick profit, there are some things you need to know about granite countertops in Ottawa. Not All Granite Countertops in Ottawa [...]

Cleaning your Natural Stone Countertops is Easier than you Think!

If you have chosen Stone or are considering natural stone countertops in your Ottawa home, maintaining its natural beauty may be a concern. While natural stone countertops require a certain amount of care, maintaining them is likely easier than you might think. Caring for Granite Countertops Granite is the hardest stone you will find for natural stone countertops in Ottawa but needs some maintenance and care to keep it looking beautiful during its lifetime. Daily cleaning with a small amount of dish soap or [...]