How much do granite and marble countertops cost

Granite and marble countertops are popular in Ottawa kitchens. Both types of natural stone are beautiful accent pieces in any home. If you’re renovating your kitchen, you might be trying to decide which stone fits into your style and budget. Our experts can help you decide between marble or granite countertops in Ottawa.   

Installation Costs of Countertops  

Granite and marble countertops in Ottawa need to be installed by professionals. Stone slabs aren’t easy to handle and manage. This can increase your overall costs, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your countertops will withstand the test of time. Expect to spend from $75 to $175 per square foot for granite countertops. Marble is more expensive than granite. It can run from $100 to $200 or more per square foot for installation.  

Factors That Can Influence Price and Installation  

Your price for installation can increase based on:  

  • Slab thickness – the thicker the slab, the more expensive. 
  • Cutouts – how many holes you need to cut out for your stove, sinks, and faucets raises the price.  
  • Edge style and finish – simple edge finishes are less expensive than complex styles.  
  • Number of seams – if you have unusual shapes or a larger kitchen, it can cost more to build the countertop.  

Our experts can help you choose between marble and granite countertops to find the right material for your kitchen. Visit our tile store in Ottawa to view a selection of countertops and to get ideas for your kitchen renovation.