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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Bullnose Edge vs. Full Bullnose Edge

Shopping for a countertop involves more than picking the material and color – it also means choosing the ideal stone countertop with the right edging. Bullnose and full-bullnose edges are quite popular, especially with a solid surface, such as granite or marble, and other stone countertops. While they sound similar, bullnose and full bullnose do vary in style. Bullnose Edge: The bullnose is a rounded edge that runs from the top to the bottom of your countertop for a highly sophisticated look. A bullnose [...]

Pencil Edge vs. Eased Edge Countertops

When comparing your options for countertops, one question on your mind is whether you should go for a pencil edge vs. eased edge countertops. If you are thinking of selecting natural stone countertops, such as granite or even marble, both edges will work well. However, you must know the differences between the two before you select one or the other.   Key differences between Pencil Edges and Eased Edges: Pencil Edge Countertops: Pencil edges feature a slightly rounded edge, and they are the best [...]