Should I Get Granite or Marble Countertops for My Kitchen Renovation?

Natural stone creates a bespoke look for your kitchen countertops. For homeowners who want truly unique kitchens, granite or marble countertops provide one-of-a-kind colours and patterns that can tie together other design elements such as appliances and cabinetry. Learn more about the differences between these two popular natural stone materials and explore the factors that can help you decide which one to choose for your kitchen makeover in Ottawa.

At StoneSense, we offer a huge selection of granite and marble countertops to enhance your new kitchen designs. There are pros and cons to each of these beautiful materials, and you also need to consider which one would best fit your budget. Typically, granite is more cost-effective than marble, but many homeowners choose marble for its unique features and natural elegance.

Keep reading to discover the differences between marble and granite countertops in Ottawa.

1. Between granite and marble, which countertop has more design and colour options?

Granite countertops have a natural look with a range of colour and pattern choices homeowners love. For those who admire the flecks and veins of pink, black, green, red, and gold inherent in this natural stone, granite becomes the obvious choice for kitchen renovations. Alternatively, marble countertops in Ottawa typically come in stately blacks and whites. Marble’s elegant appearance can elevate the ambiance of your new kitchen. It also has a more consistent colour pattern than granite.

2. Do granite or marble countertops require more maintenance?

Many homeowners find granite easier to maintain than marble. Seal granite shortly after installation to prevent stains and scratches and reseal it annually for best results. On the other hand, marble requires much more frequent maintenance. Because it’s porous, marble requires sealing every six months. Even sealed marble stains easily. Additionally, acidic liquid such as lemon or tomato juice can etch marble countertops.

3. Which countertop is more durable—granite or marble?

For the most durable natural stone material, choose granite countertops in Ottawa. Granite countertops have the following resilient qualities:

  • Durable granite resists chips and cracks.
  • You can cut right on the surface.
  • It’s okay to place hot pans and dishes directly on the granite counter.
  • Spills wipe away quickly without staining.

While marble resists damage, its porous quality makes it more prone to stains and etching.

4. How much do granite and marble countertops cost?

Natural stone countertops look gorgeous but require skilled workers to install them properly. Therefore, factor in the cost of professional labour when setting your budget for granite or marble countertops.

  • Granite is less expensive than marble and costs from $75 to $175 per square foot to install.
  • Marble is more delicate and costs from $100 to $200+ per square foot installed.

5. Which countertop is more stain-resistant—granite or marble?

Granite is more stain-resistant than marble. A well-sealed granite countertop beads water and other liquids without staining. Note that when water no longer beads on the surface, it’s time to reseal your countertop.

Use a sealant designed for the marble to maintain these elegant countertops. Even with regular resealing, marble is prone to staining. You can use a poultice to remove certain stains, but tomato sauce, lemon juice, and wine frequently cause etching on marble countertops.

Whichever material you choose, note that StoneSense stands out among tile stores in Ottawa for our wide selection of sophisticated, durable, and best-in-class marble and granite countertops. You’ll notice the difference immediately when you browse through our online inventory or stop by our showroom. That’s because we select, cut, and install each slab ourselves. Each piece we work on goes through no less than three distinct processes. A master stonecutter selects and finishes your countertop from start to finish, a truly unique advantage in the industry.

Visit our tile store in Ottawa to see a huge selection of natural stone countertops. Talk to our staff about your kitchen renovation project and we’ll be happy to help you choose between granite and marble or other materials for your countertops.