The holidays are fast approaching and with them come decorations, parties and gatherings that may have you worried about your natural stone countertops or floors, natural or engineered hardwood flooring or even new tile work. To reduce some of your stress during this holiday season, we wanted to share some survival tips with you to help minimize any problems so you can spend more time enjoying your guests and your home.

Protecting your Natural Stone and Hardwood Flooring from Christmas Trees

Christmas tree on hardwood

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Having natural stone, gleaming exotic or engineered hardwood flooring in your Ottawa home doesn’t mean you have to forgo the beauty and aroma of a natural tree for your Christmas season. With a little bit of preparation and some regular maintenance, you can enjoy your tree worry-free! Here are some tips:

  • Let your tree stand in the bathtub until any snow or ice has melted and run off completely.
  • Prepare the site for your tree with a plastic washing machine pan under the stand to catch any water spillage from watering or drops from the needles. Never use a towel or absorbent material for this purpose as they will trap the water against your floor and cause damage.
  • Keep a light vacuum near your tree and do a quick pickup of needles that fall to avoid scratches or potential staining due to sap.

Just a few simple things, but they will make a big difference in protecting your beautiful floors this holiday season.

Stop Spills from Growing into Stains with these Tips!

How to remove coffee stains from granite

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Whether you have marble or granite countertops, hardwood or natural stone flooring, spills can cause near panic when you’re trying to protect your investment. With so many people bound to visit your home during the holidays, barring not offering drinks of any sort, there are bound to be a couple of spills. These tips will make sure you’re ready for anything and will let you enjoy your company more:

  • Pick up some inexpensive spray bottles and mix a mild cleaning solution that is recommended for your countertop or flooring type. Place the bottles and a soft cloth in tucked-away spots that are likely to have the most traffic. If a spill happens, you don’t have to run for cleaner or a rag; simply reach into your hiding spot and wipe away the mess.
  • Consider putting down an area rug if you have a large gathering or expect any dancing to happen during your event. This will help protect your flooring and make cleanup after the party a lot easier.
  • Have plenty of drink coasters on hand and encourage your guests to use them. Use silicone mats under dishes not only to catch spills, but to protect against heat markings.
  • Place large boot trays in your front entrance so your guests realize they’re to leave outdoor footwear on them. You might consider leaving a few pairs of washable slippers near the trays for people who may prefer not to be in stocking feet.

Your StoneSense Team is Here to Help!

Despite care and prevention, mishaps do happen and we don’t want you to worry needlessly throughout the holiday season. Should something happen, your StoneSense experts can help you choose the product or repair that will work best for your situation. Don’t attempt to fix your natural stone countertops, or hardwood floors on your own; these “fixes” can often lead to greater damage that will cost you more in the long term.

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Most importantly, your StoneSense Ottawa team wishes you the very best of the holiday season and we thank you for your continued patronage. If you aren’t a StoneSense customer yet, contact us today and let’s change that!