Exciting Colour Design Options Marble vs Granite Counters

When choosing between granite and marble, you’ll have a wide range of patterns and colours to create a customized countertop. However, each distinctive element will help you narrow down your choice to choose your slabs with confidence. Let’s look at the differences in appearance and style.

Granite has lots of colour choices and bold patterns

Do you find yourself gravitating toward granite due to the wide range of colors and gorgeous flecks and veins imbuing each slab with a unique personality?

Granite countertops in Ottawa come in an array of shades, from classy black, white, or gray to more vivid hues, such as pink, gold, green, and red. If you favour traditional or transition styles, granite is the obvious choice. However, don’t rule it out for contemporary looks if you crave a pop of colour in your kitchen. Do keep in mind that customized colours may sometimes narrow the pool of buyers when you decide to sell.

Marble exudes a clean, modern vibe

So, you’re looking for a more stately look to match your modern, industrial, or minimalist interior décor. In that case, marble countertops in Ottawa come in beautiful blacks and whites that will stun visitors without overwhelming them. Marble elevates your kitchen without sacrificing functionality.

Marble countertops often cost more than granite, so if you’re looking to stick to a budget, compare it to black, gray, or white granite slabs before committing to the sale. Marble comes in classic colours that include white, cream, beige, tan, and black. Gray and gold veins add visual appeal without the more boisterous movement of granite’s veins and flecks.

So, which one should you choose? StoneSense stands out among other tile stores in Ottawa for our vast selection of natural stone countertops. Let our knowledgeable staff help you brainstorm the best options for you when comparing granite and marble countertops.