With quartz being such a great looking countertop material and available in a range of top brand names, it can be difficult to decide which one will work best for your home or office. Some manufacturers will have more colour choices, while others are known for their unique design patterns. Knowing the top contenders can help make the decision easier when looking to upgrade your countertop surfaces. Read on to discover which brand of quartz countertops would be the best fit for your home.

What are some of the top brands for Quartz Counters?


They are one of the most popular with more than 40 colour choices and design options. They are also the number one choice of most high-end designers.


Silestone has over 60 styles and colours to choose from, and they are popular in kitchen remodels.


Cambria is another high-end brand that is only available through luxury product distributors. They have more than 100 styles and colour patterns to choose from, and they also have a lifetime warranty to support their top end product.

Santa Margherita:

Comes from a marble company that has a glitter line and traditional legacy line. They also have a unique design known as the “textured wave,” that you cannot get anywhere else.


Corian is a versatile, popular brand of quartz that is made by DuPont. It has more than 40 colour choices and styles to choose from.

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