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Tips to Get you and your Natural Stone Products Through the Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for entertaining friends and family and often filled with spontaneous visits from people you don’t see often enough through the year. If you have natural stone products in your Ottawa home, such as marble or granite countertops or slate floors, seeing your home filled with merry-makers enjoying food and drink may give you heart palpitations! Your StoneSense team wants you to enjoy your holiday season so we’ve put together some tips to help you keep your natural stone [...]

4 Unique Ways to Use Tile in your Ottawa Home

When people visit tile stores in Ottawa, it is usually because they are looking for new flooring, a backsplash or maybe even a countertop. While these are all great ways to use tile, large projects are not always feasible. Here are four unique ways you can incorporate tile into your Ottawa home without breaking the bank. Use Tile to Replace your Headboard Measure off your desired area to be covered behind the head of your bed and create a unique headboard using tile. Depending [...]

5 Neat Things to Know about Marble Countertops

Marble has an incredibly rich history as being a building material of choice and remains popular in modern times. Although most people realize the veining and unique colours found in marble are naturally occurring, many characteristics of marble are relatively unknown. Here are five things to know about marble countertops that might surprise you. Michelangelo created masterpieces from marble. Carrara marble has been used for countertops, door jams, windowsills and myriad other decor items within homes in Italy for more than two thousand years. [...]

What Colour of Granite Should I use for my Kitchen Countertops?

colour is the best to use. Before committing to a colour, you have to remember that granite will last a lifetime, so the choice you make is one you will live with for a long time. Instead of focusing on a colour choice first, we suggest that you determine what the overall style is you want for your kitchen. Here are some design-inspired tips to help you choose the best colour for your granite countertops. Choosing Dark Colours for your Granite Kitchen Countertops Dark [...]

Making a Choice Between Stone Tile and Hardwood Flooring

It can be difficult to make a choice between stone tile and hardwood when you are looking to replace your flooring. After all, both flooring types are beautiful and while they have some similar features, they definitely have unique characteristics. Tile stores in Ottawa will tell you tile is the way to go, while hardwood companies will try to sell you their product. We’ll give you the best of both flooring types because we proudly sell stone tiles and exotic hardwoods. How Stone Tile [...]

Choosing Natural Stone Countertops can increase resale value of your home

Whether you are looking to sell your Ottawa home or increase the resale value to build equity, changing your kitchen countertops can be an excellent investment. As your Ottawa area experts in natural stone countertops, we would like to share some information with you so you can maximize your investment. Read on to learn about the best kitchen countertops for your money and how they can increase your resale value. Natural Stone Countertops Provide Maximum Returns Without question, natural stone will increase the value [...]

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Backsplash from Ottawa’s Leading Tile Store

Even in today's modern world, your kitchen is the heart of your home and has to serve great function while being a place where your family and guests want to spend time. With those two considerations in mind, you may not immediately think that you need a new or upgraded backsplash, but as the leading tile store in Ottawa we can tell you why you might want to consider it. Your Ottawa Tile Store Serves up Great Function         The area in your kitchen that is considered the backsplash [...]

Buyer Beware with Granite Countertops in Ottawa

As granite continues to grow as the favoured material for kitchen countertops, you will find that there are more companies than ever before offering this beautiful stone. The problem is, not all granite is top quality and not all countertop companies are created equally. To ensure you do not purchase a poor grade of granite by a company looking only to turn a quick profit, there are some things you need to know about granite countertops in Ottawa. Not All Granite Countertops in Ottawa [...]

Cleaning your Natural Stone Countertops is Easier than you Think!

If you have chosen Stone or are considering natural stone countertops in your Ottawa home, maintaining its natural beauty may be a concern. While natural stone countertops require a certain amount of care, maintaining them is likely easier than you might think. Caring for Granite Countertops Granite is the hardest stone you will find for natural stone countertops in Ottawa but needs some maintenance and care to keep it looking beautiful during its lifetime. Daily cleaning with a small amount of dish soap or [...]

New CNC Machine for Cutting Natural Stone Countertops in Ottawa

As Ottawa's top supplier of natural stone countertops, StoneSense is excited to announce the purchase of a state-of-the-art CNC machine for precision stone cutting. The Quota Stone Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a multi-functional workhorse designed to handle complex cuts to create beautiful profiles, unique shapes, drain boards and more. Natural Stone Countertops in Ottawa have Never Looked Better A Quota Stone CNC machine is a major capital investment that will allow StoneSense clients more choices in design styles for their natural countertops. The [...]