Even in today’s modern world, your kitchen is the heart of your home and has to serve great function while being a place where your family and guests want to spend time. With those two considerations in mind, you may not immediately think that you need a new or upgraded backsplash, but as the leading tile store in Ottawa we can tell you why you might want to consider it.

Your Ottawa Tile Store Serves up Great Function        

The area in your kitchen that is considered the backsplash is particularly prone to cooking splatters like sauces, oil and grease. Around your sink, water, soap and splashes from draining pots and more are likely to hit the walls. If you have a painted, papered or old tile surface with deteriorated grout, these areas can be impossible to clean. Paint and paper can quite literally scrub off the wall while leaving behind stains and you can use the harshest of chemicals on old and worn grout only to see discolouration once it has dried completely. When you create a natural stone or glass tile backsplash, you get the benefit of a hard surface that helps prevent sticking and staining as well as a durable surface that can be scrubbed as much as required to remove any lingering remnants of cooking or baking.

Impressive Looks Make your Kitchen the Place to Be

If you are looking to make a small improvement that will provide you with great returns, natural stone or glass tile for your backsplash from your tile store in Ottawa is an excellent place to start. While the backsplash takes up a relatively small amount of real estate in your kitchen, the incredible variety of tile styles available allow you to create designs that will make a big impression. Using decorative stone and glass tile offers you versatility to create an art deco look, European-inspired mosaics or even the classy and understated looks in minimalist design styles.

Your kitchens needs a backsplash from the leading tile store in Ottawa so you can clean up faster and enjoy time spent with your family and guests in the beautiful space you create. Visit the Stone Sense showroom or contact us to learn more about the wide variety of natural stone, quartz countertops and glass tiles we have available.