As granite continues to grow as the favoured material for kitchen countertops, you will find that there are more companies than ever before offering this beautiful stone. The problem is, not all granite is top quality and not all countertop companies are created equally. To ensure you do not purchase a poor grade of granite by a company looking only to turn a quick profit, there are some things you need to know about granite countertops in Ottawa.

Not All Granite Countertops in Ottawa are Created Equally

As is often the case, if the price you are quoted for granite countertops seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. There are several factors that contribute to the price of high quality granite slabs:

  • Mining the large slabs is a labour-intensive process
  • Shipping, handling and customs fees to import the granite
  • Some colours and patterns exist only in small quantities, making them more expensive than others
  • Unrealistically inexpensive granite may have fissures, uneven surfaces and weakness in formation that will make it more porous and easily breakable

If you choose a granite countertop for your Ottawa home that is of poor quality, you run the risk of a product that is easily stained, scratched, chipped or broken.

Finding a Reputable Stone Dealer in Ottawa for Granite Countertops

When choosing a reputable stone dealer for your granite countertops, be sure to ask about the stonecutters and the experience they have. Many companies rely only on machinery to cut and finish the granite, which can lead to seams that do not line up properly or edges that degrade easily over time. Some considerations when choosing your granite include:

  • Ask to see the variety of profiles available for your natural stone countertops. Companies with very little selection are likely relying on machinery rather then experience in the stonecutting craft.
  • Find out if wax is used to create the polish on finished edges. Machine-only finishes are not as smooth as hand finished products and the wax will wear off over time, leaving you will dull edges.

As your premiere supplier of granite countertops in Ottawa, the master stone cutters of Stone Sense masterfully handle each piece of granite no less than three times using to latest in stonecutting technology. Check out an earlier Press Release on our new CNC Stonecutting machine. This means you are assured granite that is excellent grade, cut with precision and polished to a beautiful finish. To view our selection of impressive granite or to learn more, contact us.