When people visit tile stores in Ottawa, it is usually because they are looking for new flooring, a backsplash or maybe even a countertop. While these are all great ways to use tile, large projects are not always feasible. Here are four unique ways you can incorporate tile into your Ottawa home without breaking the bank.

Use Tile to Replace your Headboard

Measure off your desired area to be covered behind the head of your bed and create a unique headboard using tile. Depending on your decor style, you can use natural stone to create a warm, earthy look or if your tastes run to art deco, consider some brightly coloured tiles.

Create an Oasis in your Bathroom

If you see tiles for your bathroom that you love at your Ottawa tile store but are unable to redo your entire bathroom, consider lining your tub instead. While this installation type is for advanced tile setters, you can create the look of a beautiful Mediterranean spa with coloured tiles or opt for a serene oasis with muted shades. For a project like this, you could consider smaller glass tiles in a grid or go all out and do it in mosaic-style.

Inlaid Tile can Replace a Throw Rug

Rather than laying a throw rug at your entrance or under the dining room table, you can consider inlaying tile. When done right, you can create beautiful designs that resemble a rug can without the dust and dirt broadloom attracts. Simply mop up any boot tracks or spills! Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose from a wide selection of colours to resemble a true rug, or choose natural stone for beautiful rustic look.

A Mosaic Masterpiece

Use some of the wide variety of mosaic tiles available at your Ottawa tile store to create a masterpiece for home. Rather than buying artwork, create your own either on a backboard or apply the tile directly to the area you want as your display. This is a great way to enjoy the look of tile while unleashing your creative side. What’s even better is your artwork will truly be one-of-a-kind.

As your premiere tile store in Ottawa, StoneSense carries tiles in a wide variety of materials, colours and sizes to suit any project.