Whether you are looking to sell your Ottawa home or increase the resale value to build equity, changing your kitchen countertops can be an excellent investment. As your Ottawa area experts in natural stone countertops, we would like to share some information with you so you can maximize your investment. Read on to learn about the best kitchen countertops for your money and how they can increase your resale value.

Natural Stone Countertops Provide Maximum Returns

Without question, natural stone will increase the value of your home more than laminate or other man-made materials will. People understand the quality, durability and beauty of these natural countertops and are usually willing to pay for the luxury of owning them. The only exception would be if the kitchen was in disrepair or badly in need of replacement.

The other consideration if you want to get the best kitchen countertops for your money is how the kitchen will be used. If you are investing to gain equity in your home and plan to keep it, you might make different choices than if you plan to sell. Here are some suggestions on which natural stone countertops may be best for a few different scenarios to give you an idea:

  • If your home is designed for an average family and you have young children who will one day become boisterous teens, you might want to look into quartz countertops. While these are engineered rather than natural stone countertops, they can be made similar to granite and can withstand just about anything a busy and growing Ottawa family can dish out.
  • When you have older children or teens and your home is used often for entertaining, you might select granite countertops because they are durable, upscale and fit with any lifestyle.
  • Choosing marble countertops is an excellent option if your home is upscale and you are investing strictly to sell or if you want elegance and class and are okay with some extra care.

These are just a few suggestions to help you get an idea of how you can choose the best kitchen countertops for your money either to improve the value of your home to build equity, or to improve resale value and maximize your return. Our expert team at Stone Sense in Ottawa can help you choose the best natural stone countertop for your particular situation. Visit our showroom or contact us today.