Marble has an incredibly rich history as being a building material of choice and remains popular in modern times. Although most people realize the veining and unique colours found in marble are naturally occurring, many characteristics of marble are relatively unknown. Here are five things to know about marble countertops that might surprise you.

  1. Michelangelo created masterpieces from marble.

Carrara marble has been used for countertops, door jams, windowsills and myriad other decor items within homes in Italy for more than two thousand years. In fact, marble was so loved that Michelangelo created masterpieces from this material and those pieces are still in existence today.

  1. Marble is gaining popularity as we learn more about it.

With advanced technologies and a better understanding of how marble is formed, marble countertops are becoming more popular. People often shied away from marble because it does require maintenance to keep its unique beauty, but with better products available that is becoming easier.

  1. Some marble is more durable than others are.

Marble is porous, which means liquids can penetrate and discolour your marble countertops if they’re not properly sealed. That factor also makes it a little more susceptible to breakage than other types of countertop materials. What you might not realize is that there are some types of marble that are less porous than others, making them more durable.

  1. The finish makes a big difference in how your marble countertops look over time.

When you picture marble in your kitchen or bathroom, you are likely seeing vast expanses of highly polished countertops that just gleam. While polishing is highly popular, a honed finish actually hides wear and tear better over time. If a slight mar or scratch happens on a perfectly polished surface, it’s going to be a lot more noticeable than on a matte and slightly roughened surface.

  1. Sealing the deal.

If you seal your marble countertops properly and repeat the process every six to eight months, you should be able to enjoy them without fear of staining. People often fear that daily cooking drips and spills will instantly discolour their beautiful countertops but if they are wiped up right away, most stains can be avoided.

Marble offers a timeless and graceful beauty in countertops that is unlike any other building material. To learn more about marble or to find the perfect choice for your kitchen or bath, contact StoneSense in Ottawa.