colour is the best to use. Before committing to a colour, you have to remember that granite will last a lifetime, so the choice you make is one you will live with for a long time. Instead of focusing on a colour choice first, we suggest that you determine what the overall style is you want for your kitchen. Here are some design-inspired tips to help you choose the best colour for your granite countertops.

Choosing Dark Colours for your Granite Kitchen Countertops

Dark granite countertops are a popular choice for many of our Ottawa clients. Black, deep charcoal and other rich but dark colours paired with cabinets that are a little lighter are a classic look that will enhance just about any decor. Since it is such a classic design-style, if you are thinking of selling your Ottawa home in the not-too-distant future, this look appeals to a wide variety of tastes.

If the classic, dark and smoky look isn’t for you yet you still like the look of dark granite kitchen countertops, you can create a more airy look by pairing them with white or off-white cabinetry. The dark countertops can cozy up a space that is mostly white or light and they lend themselves well to kitchens that have natural brightness from windows.

Designing with Light Granite Kitchen Countertops

Light coloured granite is very versatile and can be used to recreate traditional looks from kitchens of the past or enhance ultra-modern kitchens. They are also great for making a space appear lighter and in some cases, larger.

For the old-world traditional look, pairing light granite countertops with white or light oak traditionally styled cabinetry and a rustic backsplash will transport you back in time. If you’re more of an ultra-modern person, white or very light granite tones work really well with bright lacquer cabinets or modern dark wood cabinets. To make your space appear larger and brighter, the combination of light granite and light cabinets never fails.

Add Some Coloured Granite for Design Appeal in your Ottawa Home

Vibrant blues, bright golden yellows and glorious reds can be found in granite countertops and they can create some stunning looks for your Ottawa kitchen. While designing with bright, bold colours may be a little more risqué than sticking with more common lights and darks, if you pair your brightly coloured granite kitchen countertops with light cabinets and an eye-popping wall covering colour, you will be cooking and entertaining in the middle of a masterpiece!

While we can’t choose your granite kitchen countertop colours for you, we hope that these design tips help you get a little closer to making a decision. We’d love for you to come see the beautiful colour choices available at StoneSense. Seeing them in person just might help you fall in love with the perfect colour for your Ottawa kitchen.