As Ottawa’s top supplier of natural stone countertops, StoneSense is excited to announce the purchase of a state-of-the-art CNC machine for precision stone cutting. The Quota Stone Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a multi-functional workhorse designed to handle complex cuts to create beautiful profiles, unique shapes, drain boards and more.

Natural Stone Countertops in Ottawa have Never Looked Better

A Quota Stone CNC machine is a major capital investment that will allow StoneSense clients more choices in design styles for their natural countertops. The precision cutting allows for greater detail when working with granite, quartz and other stone selections with less chipping or breakage, producing products that have never looked better. The same technology that allows for precision cutting also compensates for tool wear during the polishing stage, creating a high polish that is unparalleled by lesser systems.

The StoneSense Difference

The addition of the CNC stone cutting machine is just one more way for StoneSense to offer its Ottawa customers the best in class when it comes to natural countertops. Continuing in the tradition of masterfully handled, handpicked stone by master stonecutters through to installation, which is unique in the stone industry, StoneSense has now upped the ante to include world-class machinery for cutting and finishing.

Contact the master stonecutters of StoneSense for your next project for exceptional quality natural countertops in Ottawa.