Granite, marble and quartz countertops are an investment for your Ottawa home so it’s important to understand the warranty and care behind the product you choose. Not all natural stone craftsmen provide the same level of warranty and care, so knowing what to look for is important before you buy. StoneSense stand on the principle that if we have done something wrong, we will correct it- PERIOD.

Duration of Warranty on Granite, Marble and Quartz Countertops

While we make every effort to ensure the natural stone countertops you trust us to install for you are crafted with precision and free from defects, we want to make sure you are comfortable with your choice. We offer a full year of warranty that begins only once installation is complete. To ensure you get maximum value for your investment in case you sell your home, we extend that warranty to your buyer as long as they register with us.

Natural Stone Countertop, granite countertop, quartz countertop warranty and care guidelines

Coverage and Care

Due to how natural stone is formed and later mined, there are variations in colour, texture and characteristics, such as pitting, water lines and fissures. Since you choose the slab your countertops will be crafted from, we can’t offer a warranty once we cut the slab if you decide you don’t like the granite, marble or quartz you decided upon. What we will cover however, is any defect due to our installation or crafting techniques, such as seam performance. Care of your new countertops is critical because we also can’t honour a warranty if you damage your natural stone due to improper usage or cleaning. Finally, any damage due to movement of your home or cabinetry is also not covered under warranty.

Labour Included to Repair or Replace as Necessary

If we have made a mistake and you need us to honour our warranty, we go all in. At our determination, we will repair or replace your natural stone countertops, but we don’t stop there. Many places will only apply their warranty coverage to the actual stone, but since we take such great pride in our work, we also cover the labour portion. This means even if there is an issue with your quartz, granite or marble, we make sure you’re fully taken care of.

With master stone cutters and professional installers, StoneSense in Ottawa are your premiere choice for natural stone countertops that are backed with an excellent warranty. Contact us today to see the beautiful designs waiting for you!