Regardless of your countertop medium, one big decision you must make after you select your stone countertop surface type is the type of edge. Two popular choices for countertop edges include square and beveled. Before you pick the type for your project, you want to compare square edge vs. beveled edge to see what will fit in your budget, but also in line with your kitchen or bathroom remodeling style.


Square Edge:

Square edges are contemporary, modern, and offer a sleek finish to any kitchen. Keep in mind that you do not want an utterly squared edge; as this can become sharp and prone to breakage.

Square Edge Stone Countertop | Square Edge vs. Beveled Edge Countertops | StoneSense


Beveled Edge:

The beveled edge is angled, sleek, and one of the most popular designs for granite and quartz countertops. It works for elegant and contemporary kitchen designs. The corners are clipped flat at a 45-degree angle. Both the angle and width can be adjusted to suit your preference, offering you more customizability.

Beveled Edge Stone Countertop | StoneSense


Ideally, you will want a square edge on more durable countertops, such as quartz. Square corners tend to chip and break easier, but if you have a hard surface like quartz, they work just fine. For granite, going with the beveled edge might be best to prevent breakage, but also add depth and dimension.

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