Generally speaking when it comes to quartz vs granite countertops, choosing quartz countertops can provide you with numerous advantages over purchasing a natural stone countertop like granite. Find out why?

Quartz vs Granite Countertops

– Here’s the key reasons why quartz is better than granite:

  • Durability – Quartz countertops can withstand harsher daily use than granite. It is less likely to chip and scratch too.

Durability of Quartz vs. Durability of Granite | quartz vs granite countertops | StoneSense

Less Worry about Bacteria and Stains – Quartz is non-porous, which means no worrying about bacteria seeping into the small holes of the stone or stains if you spill juice and wine on the countertop’s surface.

Upkeep of Quartz vs. Upkeep of Granite | quartz vs granite countertops | StoneSense

Increased Home Value – Quartz, while more expensive, does increase your home’s value. More homebuyers want quartz for its longevity, durability, and easy care.

Quartz vs. Granite: Real Estate Value | quartz vs granite countertops | StoneSense

While nearly indestructible, the only thing quartz cannot do is stand up to high heat. It discolors when exposed to extreme temperatures; therefore, you should never place a pan on top of the countertop directly.

Searching for Stone Countertops? | Quartz Countertops | StoneSense

Picking the right countertop does not have to be difficult. Instead, you can work with the team at StoneSense to purchase your countertops and have them cut and installed for a flawless finish.

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