When comparing your options for countertops, one question on your mind is whether you should go for a pencil edge vs. eased edge countertops.

If you are thinking of selecting natural stone countertops, such as granite or even marble, both edges will work well. However, you must know the differences between the two before you select one or the other.


Key differences between Pencil Edges and Eased Edges:

Pencil Edge Countertops:

Pencil edges feature a slightly rounded edge, and they are the best option if you have kids in the house. They offer a linear design, but no sharp corners or edges – which means no worrying about anyone getting hurt if they bump into it.

Pencil Edge vs. Eased Edge Countertops


Eased Edge Countertops:

Eased edges are just slightly rounded corners on a square end that help remove any sharp edges prone to chips. These are more durable than regular squared edges, as the rounded surface decreases the chances you will chip them if you were to strike them on the edge with a hard object.

Eased Edge Stone Countertop | StoneSense

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