If you’re looking for an alternative for your kitchen counter, backsplash, floor, outdoor kitchen or exterior wall, consider Neolith. The new and innovative surface offers a multitude of features, benefits and applications that are worth considering.

Environmentally-Conscious Surface May Be What You’re Looking For

Neolith is a sintered surface. That means that it is fabricated using a process which subjects the 100% raw materials to very high pressures and temperatures until they coalesce into a solid mass. According to TheSize, the company which makes Neolith, this process gives the finished product “physical and mechanical features which are unprecedented in the construction industry.”

Neolith Porcelain for your Ottawa bathroom

“Photo via Neolith – Canadian Neolith Distributor: Marble Trend”

And the list of Neoliths features and benefits is impressive.

  • Neolith is lightweight, durable and versatile. It is strong, sturdy, and UV- and scratch-resistant. It will not fade in the sun and all colours and finishes – except for polished ones – will not scratch. It is not damaged by low temperatures, ice and freezing. It is also heat-resistant and will not burn in contact with fire or let off smoke or toxic substances.
  • Neolith is 100% natural and 100% recyclable. About half of any portion of it is comprised of recycled raw materials.
  • The sintering process does not require any resin or polymer so Neolith will not release any harmful substance into the environment. Its near-zero porosity makes it waterproof and prevents absorption of liquids resulting in improved hygiene and resistance to bacteria. These features make it an ideal surface for contact with food. It is easily cleaned in most cases with a damp cloth.
  • Finally, Neolith is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold Certified. According to TheSize, Greenguard “certifies that Neolith meets the established chemical emissions limits which contribute to a healthier environment” and Greenguard Gold “certifies that Neolith is suitable for use in places like schools and medical centres.”

Neolith has a multitude of applications, too.

  • It is suitable for both residential and commercial use. It may be used for kitchen counters and backsplashes, and due to its UV-, heat- and cold-resistance it is ideal for outdoor kitchen surfaces.
  • Neolith’s large format makes it suitable for exterior building cladding. Given that it is available in a range of thicknesses demolition of the existing surface may not be necessary as Neolith may be placed over it.
  • Neolith is suitable for flooring as well. Its large format may be installed at a lower cost due to lower labour requirements for seams and grouting. Due to the hardness of its surface, Neolith is suitable for heavy traffic areas.
  • Neolith’s installed cost is similar to that of mid- to high-end granite.
Neolith porcelain for outdoor use in Ottawa

Photo via Neolith – Canadian Neolith Distributor: Marble Trend

TheSize is headquartered in Almazora, Spain, a ceramic industry enclave. It has an extensive global network of distributors, architects, interior experts and designers. According to its web site, TheSize “draws on the experience of its directors who have more than 40-years’ experience in the natural stone sector.”

TheSize offers a 10-year warranty on most Neolith thicknesses.

Contact StoneSense your local Neolith dealer or visit their Ottawa showroom today to learn more about Neolith. It could be the innovative and environmentally-conscious surface you’ve been looking for!