Each year the Pantone Color Institute™ chooses a colour that becomes the foundation for design inspiration. The institute looks at global culture and makes its choice to represent the sentiment and atmosphere. This year’s Pantone® colour is Greenery, to represent a general shift towards nature, despite all the advances of the modern world. Continue reading to see how this shift is creating trends in home design and decor.

Transformative Design Projects Focus on Natural Products

For large projects that will transform your entire decor, natural building materials are going to be a major focus. In kitchens and baths, you can expect that natural stone countertops will continue to be a popular choice however; colour choices will trend towards neutrals and warm tones. Granite and quartz will be slightly more popular than marble, which has been on trend for a few years now.

Flooring choices on trend will also be naturally occurring building materials, with exotic hardwoods and stone selections leading the way. Popular finishes will enhance the beauty of these natural materials rather than mask them. Natural stone tile and slabs in neutral colours will be popular with accent work such as fireplace mantels, kitchen backsplashes and tub surrounds.

Adopting “Greenery” as an Enhancement

If your Ottawa home already boasts such upgrades as natural stone countertops or beautiful hardwoods, you may want to enhance your decor using the Pantone® colour of the year as a starting point. The following are some examples:

  • For a simple decor enhancement, infuse your home with lush, green plants. From climbing plants with vibrant greenery to lucky bamboo, plants are one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to incorporate the trend towards nature in your decor.
  • If green just isn’t your colour, the institute has assembled 10 palettes that lend themselves to pairing well with Greenery or from which you can choose your own favourites. Think of creative ways to add splashes of these colours throughout your home to create the sentiment of bringing nature indoors. Pillow covers, table runners and picture frames are just a few ideas.
  • Furniture can make a big statement if you already have a natural backdrop to work with. If your style is more modern, look for sleek pieces of minimalist design or fun pieces in acrylic. For the more refined, understated opulence is key for 2017. The focus is on luxurious items that are chosen more because they are loved than for what they represent.

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