Despite its incredibly good looks and hardwearing durability, laminate flooring still gets the upturned nose from many homeowners in Ottawa. We think it’s time to revisit laminate and show you that the horrors of easily-scratched and faded floors are a thing of bygone days or prices that are too good to be true. While bad laminate still exists, when you purchase high quality laminate flooring from a trusted source, the product you get will be more amazing than you expect.

Bowling Ball Tough!

More than a quarter century ago, laminate was first used in North America as a surface for lanes in bowling alleys. You might be thinking, how can laminate flooring be that tough? The fact is, the high-density fiberboard that makes up the bottom layer of laminate is one of the hardest wood products available, making this flooring particularly resistant to denting and gouging.

Improve the Indoor Air Quality of your Ottawa Home

Laminate flooring is one of the best products available for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory ailments. Dust, pet hair and dander all remain on the surface of laminate making for easy cleanup and mould and mildew are easily resisted. As an added benefit, no adhesives or topcoats with potentially harmful vapours are required for installation.

Easier and Cheaper Installation with Laminate Flooring

If your current flooring is a hard surface and relatively level, you don’t even have to remove it before installing new laminate flooring in your home. Few other floor covering options give you this money-saving feature! Simply lay your laminate right over top. Since laminate is a floating style floor that clicks together, accomplished DIYers can install their own flooring. For those who prefer professional installation, you’ll still find great savings over other flooring materials.

Stop in or contact StoneSense in Ottawa to learn more about our high quality laminate flooring. With several collections and finishes to choose from, we think you’ll be amazed by today’s laminate!