Granite Countertops

Most remodels improve your quality of life and enrich the beauty of your home. By concentrating on areas you use the most, such as the kitchen and bathroom, you can greatly improve the functionality of daily living.  

Thinking of selling your home in a few years? Few upgrades match the return on investment of adding granite countertops. High-quality granite countertops bring superb aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability to your Ottawa build or remodel, and they may increase the value of your home by 25% of the counter’s retail value.  

You can find unparalleled granite slabs for kitchen and bathroom countertops at StoneSense. Our stonecutters have an uncanny knack for bringing out the beauty in each piece of raw granite. We also offer faucets and sinks that look beautiful with granite countertops. 

Top Reasons Granite Countertops Increase Your Home’s Market Value 

Here are five of the biggest reasons granite countertops increase your home’s value:  

  1. Granite doesn’t go out of style. The marbling and rich veins of colour appeal to homeowners and home buyers on a deep level. Choose from earthy hues that bring warmth to your kitchen or dark shades that create a dramatic focal point. Thanks to its unique qualities, a granite countertop can remain a treasured feature of any home for decades. 
  2. Strength and durability. Alternatives such as butcherblock, laminate, and natural stone require maintenance and may not always last as long as granite countertops. Granite is harder than other types of stone, making it resistant to scratches and other damage. Choose heat-resistant granite for countertops adjacent to stoves and ovens. If you seal your granite countertops every year, they can last even longer. 
  3. Maximum return on investment. Prospective home buyers place a high value on a recently updated kitchen. Many homeowners recoup most, or all of their kitchen renovation costs when they sell their home. Further, many buyers will pay more for homes with granite countertops and other high-end upgrades. 
  4. Easy to Care For. Granite is a low-maintenance material requiring little cleaning and polishing. You can seal your granite countertops to help retain the natural luster of the stone. Young house hunters and retirees value home features that require little maintenance.  
  5. Eco-friendly qualities of natural granite. Granite comes directly from quarries to the workshops of StoneSense cutters. It doesn’t require dangerous chemicals to process and lasts for many years, which can decrease landfill clutter.  

Do you need suggestions for granite countertops in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement remodel? Search through our online gallery to find hundreds of examples of granite countertops in an array of patterns and styles.  

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