After investing in genuine marble countertops, the last thing you want to do is inadvertently damage them by not using the right products or care techniques. Marble is an excellent investment, and with proper care, these surfaces will last your kitchen for decades. Read on to learn the essentials for how to take care of marble kitchen countertops!

How to Take Care of Marble Kitchen Countertops? | StoneSense]

Like most natural stone products, marble requires knowledgeable care:

Seal and Protect:

When installed, your installer will seal them initially, but this does not make it stain proof or heavily resistant. You will also want to reseal when you notice that the water no longer beads on the surface (check for this once a year).

Caution with Acidic Products:

While you do have a sealant on your marble, avoid citrus, vinegar, and other acidic products as they can easily etch the finish.

Clean with Care

Clean using very gentle cleansers, and never apply bleach or abrasive ones. If possible, use a marble-sensitive cleaner instead.

Spot Treat:

You can remove any stains or hard-to-clean spots with poultice paste but do so with caution. Allow the paste to dry 24-48 hours before you gently scrape and wash it away.

Now that you know how to care for marble, why not look into upgrading your home’s existing kitchen countertops with the breathtaking beauty of natural stone.

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