Unsealed grout is extremely porous and in a kitchen with natural stone countertops, trying to keep it looking fresh and new can be especially difficult. Since chemical cleaners and natural cleaning acids such as lemon can etch natural stone, you might think you are stuck with stained or dingy grout forever. Your StoneSense experts are here to help with a simple method for cleaning unsealed grout.

Pastes are Easiest when Trying to Clean Grout Around Natural Stone

There are many “recipes” on the Internet for perfect grout cleaning solutions that you can make in your kitchen, but it is important to remember that even seemingly harmless liquids can discolour your natural stone countertop or possibly etch it if it sits too long. For that reason, we recommend using a paste so you have more control over where it goes.

Before you begin, gather hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, liquid dish soap (preferably grease cutting), a damp cloth and a firm toothbrush. If you have coloured grout, mix a small amount of the cleaning paste below and test in a hidden area. While this paste is generally safe, it may affect unsealed, coloured grout.

To make grout-cleaning paste for natural stone countertops:

  1. Mix together ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, ¾ cup of baking soda and 1 tbsp. of liquid dish soap.
  2. Using the toothbrush, carefully apply the paste to the grout. You will want to be sure to apply the paste evenly throughout your grouting for a uniform look when it is done. Use your cloth to wipe away any paste that gets onto the natural stone portion of your countertop.
  3. Let the paste sit for fifteen minutes so it can penetrate the grout well. Do not worry about the bubbling; this is going to help loosen up dirt. Just give the stone a wipe if the paste is spilling over.
  4. With warm water and your cloth, rinse away the paste while wiping any excess water away with a dry cloth. Keeping in mind that your grout will appear darker when it is wet, use the toothbrush to gently scrub any spots that may remain. If a little extra hard work does not do the job, repeat the application rather than scrubbing too hard so you do not damage your grout.
  5. Once you are done with the rinsing phase, go over the entire natural stone countertop, grout and all to ensure everything is clean and all paste residue is gone.
  6. Sit back and admire your work!

Once your grout is nice and clean again, you should consider sealing it. Sealingwill make your next cleanup much easier and helps to prevent the staining due to the porous nature of grout. Contact your StoneSense experts to learn what sealant will work best with your natural stone countertop, or for any other stone help!