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What’s More Expensive: Quartz or Granite?

Is quartz more expensive than granite? Well, comparing granite to quartz price wise can give you different results depending on various factors at play. Sometimes, granite will come out as the cheaper option. Other times, you may end up with a quartz countertop that costs less than granite. In a comparison of the per square foot price, quartz will usually cost more – averaging about 20 to 40 percent more. However, colour, size, type of edge, installation area, and other factors will affect the [...]

Quartz vs Granite Countertops – Which One Should I Pick?

Generally speaking when it comes to quartz vs granite countertops, choosing quartz countertops can provide you with numerous advantages over purchasing a natural stone countertop like granite. Find out why? Quartz vs Granite Countertops - Here's the key reasons why quartz is better than granite: Durability – Quartz countertops can withstand harsher daily use than granite. It is less likely to chip and scratch too. Less Worry about Bacteria and Stains – Quartz is non-porous, which means no worrying about bacteria seeping into the small [...]

What is the Difference Between Quartz & Granite Countertops?

Quartz & granite countertops from StoneSense are widely popular but very different from one another. Granite is a natural stone but requires more annual upkeep and does not have the same durability as quartz. Quartz is more durable, does not require yearly sealing, and it remains bacteria-free. Quartz and granite both are sensitive to heat, and you should never cut on either slab type with a knife and no cutting board. Both types will enhance your kitchen’s functionality, improve home values, and offer a [...]

Selecting Stone Countertops – The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to refreshing or redesigning the kitchen or bathrooms in your Ottawa home, selecting the right stone countertops is a key component of your renovation project. With a wide range of materials available in the market, it is easy to get lost in the world of colors, textures, patterns, finishes, thickness, and more. However, the experts at Ottawa’s premier supplier of natural stone countertops, are here to help. At StoneSense, we want to ensure that you maximize your investment by finding the [...]

The Definitive Granite Countertop Guide

If you’re in the market for natural stone countertops but just not sure if granite is the right choice for you, then read on. StoneSense has develop this simple guide answering the most frequently asked questions with granite countertops. Why are granite countertops such a popular choice? While the cost of granite is higher than many other materials that can be used for countertops, your investment in this natural stone product will be realized in either the decades of use you enjoy, or the [...]

Create a Great 1st Impression with Granite in Your Office Space

There is something about a timeless aesthetic that evokes a sense of professionalism and quality in an office or commercial space. Whether you own a small business or large-scale enterprise, the interior space of your business demands an attention to detail and investment in materials that will stand the test of time. When you think about the ideal building material for areas such as your kitchen or front desk countertops, you probably imagine them as granite countertops. Granite countertops fall into the category of [...]

Granite Backsplashes: What You Need to Know

If you have chosen granite for your countertop then choosing a granite backsplash can create a perfect natural stone pairing. Keep these tips in mind from the experts at StoneSense, the premiere supplier of natural stone countertops in Ottawa, when choosing a backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom. A backsplash can be breathtaking but it serves a purpose in addition to being decorative. Water is the main reason for installing a backsplash. It often splashes onto the wall above the countertop and below the [...]

Why does Granite Come in Different Colours?

Quick and easy geology lesson highlights granite's various shades. Granite is one of the finest countertop surfaces available. Have you ever wondered why granite comes in different colours and what that means? Let's shine a spotlight on granite's glorious grains to learn how this premium stone surface came to be. Granite is a type of igneous rock. That means that it was derived, or solidified, from molten (melted) rock. Igneous rock is distinguished from sedimentary rock. That type of rock is made up of [...]

Does Your Kitchen Countertop Meet Your Needs?

There exist several different types of kitchen countertop materials. When choosing the one for you, how should you make your decision? There are different colours, textures and prices. How do you know which one to choose? The stone countertops experts at StoneSense can guide you in making a final kitchen countertop choice. This blog post will get you going, though, by reviewing the features and benefits of the various kitchen countertop surfaces as well as some of their applications. Surface Choice Decision is Tripod [...]

What is Neolith and What You Need to Know

If you're looking for an alternative for your kitchen counter, backsplash, floor, outdoor kitchen or exterior wall, consider Neolith. The new and innovative surface offers a multitude of features, benefits and applications that are worth considering. Environmentally-Conscious Surface May Be What You're Looking For Neolith is a sintered surface. That means that it is fabricated using a process which subjects the 100% raw materials to very high pressures and temperatures until they coalesce into a solid mass. According to TheSize, the company which makes [...]