To get the maximum return on your investment in natural stone countertops, it is important that you do some due diligence. Despite being natural products, the quality of stone selected by various fabricators can vary greatly, so basing your decision on price alone can be a costly mistake. Also of great importance is the finishing work and installation. So how can you know if you are buying the quality you expect and getting the best value for your investment? These five questions will help.

Does the Fabricator Also Perform the Installation?

While big box chain stores may come in with lower prices than premium natural stone countertop fabricators in Ottawa, your stone will pass through many hands before it reaches your home. Fabrication and installation require completely different skillsets, but the fewer people involved in the fabrication and installation of your countertop the better. If the fabricator is with you during stone selection, choosing your finish and installation of your countertop, there is less room for error, resulting in a higher quality outcome.

Will the Fabricator help you Learn about Natural Stone Countertops?

Talk to your natural stone countertop fabricator and ask about the differences between granite, quartz, onyx and marble. A true artisan will share their knowledge willingly and not try to rush the sale. You should be able to discuss how you will use your countertop and get sound advice on the best stone product for your needs.

Does the Supplier have Inventory and Examples of Completed Jobs?

You should be able to see the slabs of natural stone that are available for your new countertops. Buying sight unseen can lead to great disappointment due to colour variances and patterns since no two pieces of natural stone are ever exactly alike. Viewing photos or displays of completed jobs will help you see the workmanship so you can make an informed decision.

Do they Offer a Warranty on their Products and Installation?

It may seem like a question that should not have to be asked, but warranties implied or otherwise can vary greatly between natural stone countertop fabricators. Ask for the details to be sure you will have a recourse if something were to go wrong with your project.

Is there After Sale Support?

Find out if there is any support available after the sale. If your stone countertops need to be resealed, do they offer such a service? Staining, chipping or scratching are possibilities with natural stone products so find out if you can call on your fabricator if you need assistance in the future. Most reputable suppliers will offer support services at an additional fee or at minimum, have the information you need to get the repairs done.

StoneSense master stonecutters see your project from stone selection through professional installation. As your premiere supplier of natural stone countertops in Ottawa, our unique approach assures you receive the greatest value for your investment and the best installation industry-wide. Contact us today to learn more.